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New Horizons Works with You to Drive Your Success

In addition to the great training you receive from New Horizons, there are many additional areas in which we can help you obtain the career you're seeking:

  • Career Assessment to determine best career paths for your aptitudes.
  • Aids to pass Certification Exams
  • Free Webinars on resume writing, interviewing and maximizing your job search
  • Job search assistance and job placement
New Horizons Works with You to Drive Your Success

Welcome to your new career!

Let's Make Your Career Goals Possible

New Horizons IT and Professional Development Training helps you gain the skills you need to achieve your career aspirations. We know how hard it is to stand out in the pile of resumes, and that is why we are here! Being trained in the latest professional and technical skills allows you to not only stand out as a candidate but will also make you a standout employee. Contact us to learn more and get started!

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Certification Exam Assistance

An essential component in most IT career paths is the passing of certification exams. At New Horizons, we’re dedicated to helping you pass those exams as easily as possible, by providing access to:

  • Practice Tests to strengthen your understanding and bolster your confidence
  • Study Guides to clarify important concepts in ways that transfer to answering exam questions
  • Study Groups are often formed by peers going through the same program
  • Testing Centers at New Horizons locations provide a comfortable and familiar environment in which to take exams
Certification Exam Assistance

Free Technical & Professional Development Webinars

Webinars are a great resource to learn new techniques and concepts that will help you develop your career. New Horizons has an ongoing series of webinars as well as a strong archive of previously presented webinars that you can access for free.

Here is a look into some of the many webinars we host:

Evolving Into the Manager Role – Become the leader you know you can be. Managers must be able to develop and unify team members, plan strategically, set goals, delegate responsibilities, provide meaningful feedback, and effectively communicate. Before all of that, managers must first understand how and why they earned the role they did and what first steps they need to take to be an effective leader. This webinar will be the perfect first step you need to take on the path of leadership.

Microsoft - Learn more about one of the most used software applications used by companies around the world. Our webinars cover a wide range of Microsoft applications ranging from Office 365 to Azure and Excel. These webinars are great free resources that allow you to get a feel for what a Microsoft course with New Horizons would look like.

Certifications – Looking to get certified? Explore the thousands of certification course paths with New Horizons webinars! These webinars are perfect for understanding the steps needed to get on the certification path you are interested in.

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